Exonerated again?

Right, the 2nd impeachment proceeding was just another “witch hunt.”

Just a quick look back. The president was not exonerated in the first “witch hunt” – the Mueller investigation. Don’t let Trump distract you otherwise.

Moving ahead to the latest Senate impeachment vote. Senators narrowly focused on the issue of whether or not it is ok to impeach a former president, with those who voted to acquit maintaining it is not.

But let’s be real clear about two things that ‘don’t exonerate’ Trump … again.

First, Trump’s words incited the rioters. To believe otherwise stretches my ample capacities for tolerance beyond the breaking point. Shame on you if you can’t see that the words of our former president prompted his most extreme followers (“Patriots”? Criminals and traitors, for godsake!) to riot AND kill. And, the latest notion, cited by Trump sycophant Kevin McCarthy, that Trump accepts “some responsibility” for the insurrection? Give me a fucking break. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-mccarthy/mccarthy-says-trump-accepts-some-responsibility-for-capitol-riot-sources-idUSKBN29H0CN

Second, Trump’s delayed responses, once the insurrection started, reveal his complicity, incompetence, and the danger he posed to others.

Impeachment may be irrelevant but the former president’s culpability is not. Once again, Trump has not been exonerated.

Furthermore …

Of course, I could be wrong, but those who think I am? Wake the fuck up. 😤

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