Musings on the dreaded WOKE indoctrination machine I find this op ed fascinating, even though it grabs the readers’ attention by misrepresenting the WOKE euphemism for dramatic effect. From my angle, as someone who dabbles in ‘liberal’ social science, this piece is a classic example of using the exception to support the rule. To wit, the op ed suggests that the … More Musings on the dreaded WOKE indoctrination machine

Exonerated again?

Right, the 2nd impeachment proceeding was just another “witch hunt.” Just a quick look back. The president was not exonerated in the first “witch hunt” – the Mueller investigation. Don’t let Trump distract you otherwise. Moving ahead to the latest Senate impeachment vote. Senators narrowly focused on the issue of whether or not it is … More Exonerated again?


The continuing rage of wildfires in California where roughly 58% of forest lands are federally managed/owned, and the scourge of myopic posts that don’t recognize the incredibly complicated factors contributing to these horrific events, lit a fire under my ass and prompted this post. As I think some of you understand, the literature and research … More Wildfires

It’s not black and white: Dealin’ with the messiness

A really informative, in -depth, and thoughtful interview with Flint Michigan Police Officer Scott Watson. A number of my friends have posted articles or interviews with different Black law enforcement officials (e.g., former Sheriff Clark), Black retired football players (e.g., Herschel Walker), and others, in attempts, I think, to discredit BLM efforts and/or to suggest … More It’s not black and white: Dealin’ with the messiness

Let there be songs …

The last 48 hours I have come across a number of recordings and videos on YouTube of Grateful Dead songs being performed by incredibly diverse people, from the Austin (TX) Ukelele Society and the Earl Grey School Choir offering beautiful renditions of “Ripple”, to Norah Jones giving a gorgeous version of “They Love Each Other” … More Let there be songs …

What would you do?

“Although both the United States and Iran now appear to be backing away from a larger military confrontation, the new intelligence suggests that the loss of life from the downing of the plane was a direct result of those heightened tensions  between the countries.”  New York Times, January 9, 2020 I been thinking, I know … More What would you do?