Oh, democracy can sure get messy

A few somewhat random caffeine infused thoughts about the Sinema McSally Senate race in Arizona, and other musings. 

As of this morning, it appears Sinema will take Jeff Flake’s seat but, hold your horses, there be court challenges, accusations of voter fraud, and all kinds of shit looming that will slow the final outcome. Add this situation to what appear to be likely runoffs or recounts in Florida and other places and, man, we got some messy democracy here, don’t we?

In Arizona, what is happening in the Senate race is nothing short of astounding. Wow, by specifically targeting the Independent vote, along with other smart campaign strategies, it’s looking more and more like Sinema will win this seat, despite Trump’s full on support for McSally.
That said, stranger things have happened – oh Florida, you impertinent child, comes to mind … again.  Listen, I don’t know how the Arizona senate race will ultimately turn out as a court challenge seems likely.  But, here’s some food for thought on factors that may explain Sinema’s probable victory.
1. The painting of Sinema as a liberal pawn is not being bought by voters though such tactics are not surprising. I mean, how could anyone fathom a Democrat, especially a woman democrat, not be under the evil spells (all that money!) of those liberal demons Soros and Steyer?  Short answer?  The proof is in the pudding. Just look at Sinema’s voting record in Congress. Geez, as a Congresswoman, Sinema voted with Trump more than 60% of the time. How much more liberal can one get, I ask you??
2. Sticking with that theme, Sinema has often gone against the Democratic Party because, hold this thought cause it is quite radical, because at least sometimes, she does what an elected representative is supposed to do; that being, represent what her constituents want regardless of party. What a concept?   Like actually someone who might get what representative democracy means? Shame on her …
3. In my view, Representative McSally has made two critical missteps. One, she has played the “I was the first female fighter pilot” card as too much of a centerpiece of her campaign. I mean, that’s great, but what have you done for me lately? And, second, her adulation of Trump has not flown well in Pima County, where her district falls, and thus she is losing badly there. As a result, we have a somewhat unfathomable scenario – a congresswoman from Maricopa County carrying the Pima County vote? Yeah, sure, Sinema is a democrat and Pima County is heavily democratic, but still, losing to a woman from … Tempe?? Great googaly moogaly I say!
That’s enough for now.  Yep, democracy is a messy affair and it’s about to get messier. Of course, I could be wrong …

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