The so called climate scientist who has the ear of our Prez

Dr Patrick Michael’s is a well known climate change skeptic who has repeatedly resisted efforts to reveal his funding sources (now, well documented that he has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from various fossil fuel industries).

He continues to periodically appear on Fox News and, unfortunately, misrepresents the scientific consensus/evidence that documents rising sea levels and other key findings that deserve our action and attention. His primary argument is that computer models that indicate human’s role in climate change are faulty, and he implies this is intentionally so, even citing Ayn Rand as someone who predicted this kind of scientific conspiracy.

Well, in case anyone is interested, here is a point by point refutation of Michael’s positions.

Man …

And, here’s another refutation of the pseudodocumentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” which continues to rear its ugly discredited head now and then.

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