It’s gonna take more than a wall … 

Our immigration quagmire is about so much more than a wall or a barrier or whatever folks are calling it these days.   This article explains some of the other key ingredients mixed up in this debacle.

The notion that building more wall will deter many from even trying to get here, especially so many with children, ignores what so many are fleeing – they are going to keep coming. Rigidly fixating on the wall/barrier, and shutting down the government to get that, is already exacerbating serious backlogs in our immigration courts, making a complicated and messy situation messier. Sorry, but our administration doesn’t seem to understand, nor do the Limbaugh/Coulter/Ingraham/Carlson/Hannity policy drivers.  

As best I can tell, when push comes to shove, what the administration and Limbaugh et al really seem to want is some means to completely stop illegal immigration, and they believe a wall is THE essential component of that policy. At the same time, they rigidly adhere to opposing DACA, thinking, I think, that allowing young people who came here as children and yes, who have been here pretty much their entire lives, that permitting DACA will further open the floodgates.  

Meanwhile, the court backlog for those seeking asylum and/or other matters (including the growing numbers who are turning themselves in to Border Patrol) will continue to mushroom if the administration and the talking heads stay fixated on the wall.  

Listen, I am totally ok with a really thoughtful and comprehensive approach that includes expanding barriers where most needed, but it can’t be just that. You gotta take the xenophobic crap out of this stuff and stop trying to appease those spewing anger or worse. And, stop turning this into a liberal versus whatever thing that Ingraham and company keep incessantly doing (OK, I understand that’s their jobs and that, apparently, they get some kind of endorphic Rush doing that … pun intended …), but this is messy shit and that continuing diatribe ain’t helping.  

Get beyond the wall.  Stop the shutdown and get to work. 

Of course, I could be wrong …

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