On climate change and the immigration crisis: Bless Tucker Carlson for shedding light

So, Tucker Carlson remains one of my favorite providers of misinformation on Fox, running a close second to my fave, Laura Ingraham. Anyways, yesterday, Tucker moved the needle closer to Laura with his spot on democrats claiming climate change is causing the immigration problem.

I love the guy for fanning the fuels of divisiveness and ignorance. Actually, I don’t love him, I find him dangerous, but what do I know?

So what do I know? I know that research has been warning us about the adverse impacts of climate change on migration and immigration since 2008. That includes reports by our GAO and our DoD trying to get us to pay attention (P.S. The GAO and DoD are not democrats).

Listen, despite what Tucker may want you to think, climate change is not the only variable contributing to immigration and migration problems, but it is one important factor. To dismiss it and make it a partisan political issue is irresponsible and reveals, once again, a disturbing sense of disinterest in the evidence and science behind these phenomena.

Anyways, in case anyone is interested in learning more about the links between immigration/migration and climate change here’s one place to start.

Gonna go watch Laura now.


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