On that Iran thing …

Well, if the goal was to stir the crap up with Iran to the point of putting us on the brink of another frickin’ war, I’d have to say the strategy is working.

Thank goodness Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, and whoever else, had the balls to pull us out of the Iran nuclear deal facilitated by the traitor (and war hero, oops sorry) former Secretary of State Kerry, ’cause Iran was lying about complying with the deal and Israel confirmed that Iran can’t be trusted.

Did I encapsulate all of the above about right, my Trump supporting friends? Were these elevated tensions inevitable? Are these the circumstances we want to be in?

Please tell me I’ve got it wrong … Please.

2 thoughts on “On that Iran thing …

  1. Geno you are right (really left) again
    Iran only became a threat to world peace because of Trump and his cabal
    Iran has never been a bad actor or supporter of terror
    Such a wonderful peace loving country


    1. I didn’t realize it was a left or right thing, but I do realize we’re on the brink of another armed conflict with a bunch of radical extremists who won’t hesitate to blow themselves up.

      And, of course, we’ve aligned ourselves, again, with the corrupt Saudis which has always worked out so well.

      I had really hoped we would find a way to get the fuck out of the region but here we go again.


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