We deserve better …

I’ve been a Bill Weld supporter for some time now, having voted for him and Gary Johnson in the 2016 election. Didn’t waste my vote, don’t go there stupid people.

OK, so anyone reading this may not realize that Weld is running again, this time in the Republican presidential primary (former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is also running against Trump), and he has about as much of a chance of unseating President Trump as he and Johnson had in the 2016 election. The move to strike Weld (and Sanford) from any debates with President Trump as well as twists in some states to remove him from the ballot have not helped.

So why consider voting for Weld in the Republican primary if he doesn’t have a chance in hell? Well, I’ve attached a link to Weld’s fledgling website, and you can dig further if you want to learn more about his record, good and bad.

I’m supporting Weld again primarily because I believe he is an ethical guy, unlike our current president, and because of his record cutting taxes, shrinking government, eliminating deficits, supporting business while keeping the government out of our personal business, among other reasons.

I agree with Weld when he says, America deserves better.

For more info here’s the link to Weld’s website. https://weld2020.org/

4 thoughts on “We deserve better …

  1. I wouldn’t say you wasted your 2016 vote — but you misplaced it. If even a slight majority of the Johnson/Weld vote and most of the Jill Stein vote had gone to Clinton. We would not be saddled with Trump. For example, Trump won Michigan by less than 11,000 votes. But Johnson/Weld got 172,136 and Stein got 51,463. Sure, sure you are in Nevada — but you couldn’t be sure it would not go to Trump. Clinton won by less than 2.5 percent. I’m not a huge fan of 2-party only system — but with the close splits we have right now, Trump is a consequence of voting 3rd party. Thanks Geno — you screwed it up for the rest of us.


    1. Uh, Kieran, just to clarify, I voted in Arizona in 2016, and your primary point, I think, is that all of the people who voted 3rd party misplaced their votes no matter what states they were in. Here’s my view.

      First, there was no way in heck I was going to vote to allow Bill Clinton back into the White House. That’s right, Bill. I can’t fathom, even today, how so many voters let that slime ball slide for what he did IN the WH. Johnson and Weld, at minimum, offered me an alternative with integrity. Integrity matters A LOT to me.

      Second, this notion that it was the 3rd party voters who misplaced their votes and gave Trump the election? Well, let’s put aside what the Russians did for a second and withold thoughts about all the fools who did vote for him. My take? I blame the Democratic Party for selecting the wrong candidate. As brilliant as Hillary is, I just don’t get why she didn’t divorce Bill. How dare any of us think it was ok to allow that immoral, philandering, dishonest man back in the WH. I don’t understand how Hillary stays with him. Seems pathological to me. And, sorry Chelsea, I’m sure you love your Dad, but to allow him to go back to the place where he used his power to seduce a then 21 year old intern? No way I could vote for that, period.

      So, we have unethical philandering Trump instead. Don’t blame it on the 3rd party voters though, particularly those for whom integrity matters most. Democracy is a messy business but it also demands that we stand up for what we believe in, with our vote. For me, the two major parties fucked up and, with some help no doubt from the Russians, we have what we have. Messy indeed.

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      1. I’m not that hung up on Bill Clinton. Sex with consenting adults is fine. Lying about it is stupid but should not disqualify a spouse. Who knows why couples stay together? The Democrats are like the Cleveland Browns, they will always find a way to turn a win into a loss.


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