On impeachment, the media, ethics, the economy … and stirring shit up

One of my good buddies recently made the following comment and it has fostered some strongly felt responses. My responses follow his remarks.

“So, we’re now at the point where, except for Faux news and the NY Post , every major news outlet has called for Trump’s impeachment. If he truly cared about America he would realize the divide he has caused and resign. But it’s a giant conspiracy against him, right Trumpers? Give me a break!”

Yep, our prez has certainly shown an unprecedented capacity to stir shit up.

One clarification, though, on the apparent overwhelming mainstream media support for impeachment. I don’t believe NPR has taken a position on whether Trump should be impeached or not. I think they have focused on covering the proceedings and related stories in a more thorough manner than any of the other “ major” or “mainstream” news outlets. Yeah, a novel idea, actually reporting and offering varying viewpoints.

From my experiences listening to NPR, one hears all sorts of perspectives on public radio, for or against impeachment. It may be fair to not group NPR in with major outlets, but they are a big player with millions of listeners and I would encourage millions more to spend more time listening to NPR.

Yes, there will be spots on NPR when opinions or perspectives are very clear, it ain’t always unbiased, but at least you get more perspectives and actual newsworthy content – not to mention, you don’t get the ‘who can interrupt who faster’ and the ‘everyone talking over everyone else’ phenomena that you too often get on CNN, Fox, MSNBC and others.

As for the print media? I still read the NYT, the WSJ, Time, Scientific American, and my local papers, and some but not all of those have taken editorial positions on impeachment. Got no problem with this, good to know where our sources stand.

And then, of course, there are the TV and talk radio opinion spewers posing as news conveyors, who truly have divided us (and continue to divide us) with their uncontrollable urges to hear themselves and not inform us. Throw in Breitbart and others of similar ilk who see their sacred duty as counteracting the liberal left wing never Trump bias, or worse … conspiracy! … and thus, well yeah, the Russian disinformation campaign could not have asked for more.

So, with all this shit flying around, how can one make some sense out of it all? Well, here’s one thought. Whatever you listen to, add NPR to the mix, particularly Morning Edition and All Things Considered. I like Marketplace and Science Friday too, but you can pick and choose.

As for my view on the ultimate outcome of the impeachment articles? Once again, I think it is pretty clear that actual removal from office ain’t gonna happen, the senate will not vote for it, and the 2020 election will be upon us.

In my view, voters will ultimately be faced with voting for a man who has repeatedly exhibited serious ethical improprieties on the one hand and yet presides over a humming economy on the other. Will the humming economy outweigh the character of the man in driving how people will vote?

If I were a dem, I’d be damn sure to select a candidate who really gets this. I’m prepared to listen to a woman or man whose ethical behavior and standards are paramount and who understands how to not fuck up our economy, while at the same time, find the proper role for our gov to exercise meaningful leadership in fighting climate change (for me, THE most important issue) while shrinking government where we can.

For me, ethics and corrupt behavior matter most, and what the prez and his cronies (a few in prison, of course) have done is unacceptable. The ends do not justify the means. For others who disagree, ultimately, a buzzing economy matters more.

Final plug. Support your local NPR station if you don’t already do so. Of course, I could be wrong …

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