Oh those conspiracy theories

So, ok, today I was with a group of friends in Reno and some of them maintain that George Soros is funding and/or supporting the riots in Portland. Well, of course, there is no tangible evidence of that, as there was no evidence of Soros’s role in the immediate protests after the death of George Floyd. Yet, the conspiracy theories persist.

I know I should not be surprised that some choose the conspiracy theory line rather than a more simple explanation that basically says, hey, many folks (including some Moms in Portland) continue to non-violently protest, and some, most likely a small minority, try to take advantage of the protests by looting, damaging property, etc.

Why do some feel compelled to believe this liberal conspiracy crap that includes the notion that Soros is paying people to riot? I remain incredulous and dumbfounded.

Some of you may recall that, a few weeks ago, we in Reno were warned of impending busloads of outside protestors, anarchists and rioters, allegedly paid by Soros, coming here to mess shit up. Of course, they never showed.

The obsession with this notion of liberal conspiracy and Soros paying protestors defies my understanding. I find myself telling myself, “wow, people really believe this stuff”, including some of my friends. Whew.

My simpler explanation stands. We don’t need no liberal conspiracy to explain this, for chrissake. The simpler explanation? Most protesters in Portland continue to protest, nonviolently, because they have strong feelings about racism and other issues. You don’t have to agree with them nor like their methods, and that’s fine. The small minority of idiots who are looting and/or causing damage to private property deserve to be arrested and prosecuted. Many will, some will get away with their crimes. Civil unrest is often messy shit. Oh, and by the way, I have it on pretty good local authority (friends and colleagues who actually live and/or work in Portland) that the protests are contained in a pretty small area of the city, and that was the case before the federal forces showed up. To sum it up, we don’t need no stinkin’ liberal conspiracy theories to explain what’s happening … It’s messy. It’s democracy. And let’s hope the feds don’t make it worse. Of course, I could be wrong.

And here’s a link to recent depictions of events in Portland, from the local media. Messy indeed … https://www.kgw.com/amp/article/news/local/protests/federal-officers-in-portland-chad-wolf-dhs/283-414c3ad4-d2fd-49df-a037-d7b00635193e

5 thoughts on “Oh those conspiracy theories

  1. Even if some of the protesters were getting paid, (and I don’t think they are) how is that different than professional campaign workers, petition takers, political ad makers, pundits or lobbyists?

    Some people get paid for political activity. Not only is this a baseless conspiracy theory, even if it’s true it wouldn’t make one fucking little bit of difference.

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    1. Kieran, my favorite ignorant slut. I love how, on the one hand, you don’t think the protesters are getting paid (I’m guessing that’s because there is virtually no evidence of that), yet at the same time you wonder so what if they get paid? Ok, let’s just stay with the fact that there is no evidence that the protestors are getting paid and that some believe they are. What’s remarkable to me is that some of these same people believe that there is a supernatural being of some sort up in the cosmos who created us and is watching over us. Maybe that being is the one paying the protestors? Oh shit, there’s no evidence for that either. Never mind.

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  2. Hey Geno… fuck you.

    Also, I updated my bullshot site to show pictures of blogs I follow. You need to steal and upload an image so this blog doesn’t look like shit.


      1. Ok. Maybe u need a thumbnail and logo? But your site has no image when I link to it. But every other blog does. As usual it makes you look just a little bit special.


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