It’s not black and white: Dealin’ with the messiness

A really informative, in -depth, and thoughtful interview with Flint Michigan Police Officer Scott Watson. A number of my friends have posted articles or interviews with different Black law enforcement officials (e.g., former Sheriff Clark), Black retired football players (e.g., Herschel Walker), and others, in attempts, I think, to discredit BLM efforts and/or to suggest notions that may include something like, “you see, there are even Black people who oppose BLM, it’s not just white people.”

Those who post these articles and/or interviews seem to view the world in an either/or frame with little if any tolerance for the messiness of our current circumstances that abusive police actions have wrought, preferring instead to focus on the examples of the idiocy and counterproductive actions of criminals and rioters while slyly alleging that these idiots are left wing anarchists (e.g., antifa) that have aligned with the broader BLM movement.

Simply put, these individuals will decry racism and brutality on the one hand, but then very deftly pivot to provide examples of BLM violence, anarchy, the leftist agenda, and whatever other conspiracy theories they may believe. Fundamentally, and at their core, they don’t buy the notion of systemic racism/bias in law enforcement, they view much if not all of the BLM efforts as abdication of personal responsibility and interminable excuse making, and they are quick to cite the aforementioned examples of Black Americans who share their perspectives.

Well, like I said, our circumstances involve some messy shit. Here’s an interview with one African American police officer who, IMHO, is worth listening to. For all who disagree with me, who can’t say “Black Lives Matter” and believe it, give this a listen.

Peace my friends. And yes, as always, I could be wrong …

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