Musings on the dreaded WOKE indoctrination machine

I find this op ed fascinating, even though it grabs the readers’ attention by misrepresenting the WOKE euphemism for dramatic effect. From my angle, as someone who dabbles in ‘liberal’ social science, this piece is a classic example of using the exception to support the rule. To wit, the op ed suggests that the roughly 1,900 schools that are members of the NAIS are all being “indoctrinated” in some form of CRT stained Maoist propaganda. That is some cool presumptuous stuff. You gotta respect the author’s audacity!

But, perhaps more importantly, what the op ed also implies is the sense that this is a growing threat in so many of our schools (no doubt, the author’s intent, ‘cause CRT and WOKE-ism are running rampant and destroying our kids, etc).

But, wait a sec, if this is so widespread, how many schools are we really talkin’ about? Here’s one simple stat that, if the author would have done just a little due diligence, he could have uncovered. There are roughly 138,000 schools (public and private) in the US. Of these, roughly 1,900 are NAIS member schools, representing just over 1.3% of all US schools, a rather small fraction. Hardly the source of an “indoctrination machine”.

So, how about this notion instead? Instead of piling on to the dung heap of fear mongering WOKE BS, how about spending some time in schools as volunteers or subs, or even bus drivers, ‘cause schools need em, and find out what’s actually going on, rather than resorting to the Maoist conspiracy shit and employing surreptitious gotcha recordings at events like this nefarious NAIS training? And, that goes double for those who fear this anti-American hate-brewing instruction is spreading into our public schools. Folks, how about taking the time to actually learn what’s going on? You know, like really see what teachers are actually trying to do? What a fucking concept!

Damn, as I think more about this, I realize that in order to actually convey this alleged Maoist left wing propaganda in classrooms, schools gotta employ a lot of mindless automaton teachers who can’t think for themselves and who are just protecting their overpaid jobs. Oh wait, those are NONE of the teachers I know.

Clearly, this piece is intended to convince us that the dreaded Red Menace is back under the guise of WOKE-ism, CRT, ad nauseum, and the indoctrination of our young is incubating through clandestine and nefarious NAIS re-education sessions. Next thing you know, these same doctrinaires who are sounding the CRT and Red Menace alarms are gonna be clamoring to bring god back into our schools! (Which god, btw?? … Sorry, lost my focus and mojo for a minute).

Fascinating indeed, though also misleading and unproductive. Wouldn’t it be something if, instead of promoting this distracting crap, folks offered useful ideas and options for how we can better educate our kids on the history of race and how it still affects us today, without resorting to scare tactics? Oh, if only …

So, let me be a voice of reason. I know, hard to fathom. Truth be told, many schools are doing some pretty cool things in this regard, and curricula that address race and racism head-on, in thoughtful and constructive ways, are readily available and being adapted by many schools, with no reference to the dreaded CRT pox (for one example, see the edutopia link below). There also are more widely recognized sources, well beyond the WSJ’s myopic NAIS video and op ed, for promoting positive approaches to discussing race in education (for example, see the link to Yale University below).

Ok, that’s enough outta me. As always, please don’t forget … I could be wrong …

Some interesting links: (multiple workshops on handling difficult conversations about race, ethnicity, and culture). (see “Addressing Race and Racism Head-On in the Classroom”).

2 thoughts on “Musings on the dreaded WOKE indoctrination machine

  1. Wow, you’re really good at arguing against straw men. Imagine not knowing the difference between something being Maoist and something being reminiscent of Maoist China’s Red Guard though? lol

    Here’s an article you can’t argue against –

    …because they show pictures of the absolute bullshit that they advocate for teaching to kids and anybody in their right mind who sees such a thing will immediately agree that this garbage should be kept out of our schools.


    1. Thanks for the comment! Oh yeah, I think the Breitbart piece reinforces that NAIS-accredited private schools should be confronted by parents to find out if the school their child attends is providing gender instruction to elementary school kids. Let me be clear. I believe it is totally inappropriate for any teacher or school to be providing this type of information, especially in elementary schools, without first seeking and actively engaging parent input and involvement.

      As I indicated, the number of NAIS accredited or affiliated private schools represents a small fraction of all schools. So, to be fair, let’s put it this way. It looks like at least some NAIS private schools may be presenting inappropriate gender information without parental input or involvement. Personally, as a parent, if I had a kid in a NAIS school, I would first meet with my kids’ teachers and administration to find out exactly what they are teaching. If they are using the NAIS curriculum in the video, especially for any elementary school kids, I would express my concerns in no uncertain terms and, if the school did not change its ways, I would look for another school (or homeschool if I am financially able to do so – many, of course, are not).

      I find it really interesting that you focused on the transgender issue and not the other topics often associated with the WOKE criticisms (alleged promotion of CRT, etc), and it does not appear that you clicked or followed the links I posted to examine a few curricula options on discussing race relations in schools. What, no critique of that content?
      It appears you think the controversies surrounding transgender issues are the most important issues in our schools even though my post was focused on race relation discussions. Not sure how that veer happened but I’m guessing those who feel the need to package this “WOKE” stuff along with the typical left-wing, liberal, progressive, Maoist, Maoist China Red Guard, characterizations, well, y’all just can’t help yourselves. Personally, I find that kinda stuff stupid, but you go for it!

      Now, about not knowing the difference between “being Maoist” and “being reminiscent of Maoist China’s Red Guard.” I’m not sure if you are criticizing me (I think so) and/or the actual NAIS training video critique, made by someone else, who equates that stuff with Maoist indoctrination. Either way, again, you go for it and keep on packaging your moral high ground stuff in nice little us vs them WOKE packages, and keep citing sources only that confirm your beliefs. And I’m the one who is really good at arguing against straw men. Wow, I mean, WOKE … It appears I am not alone!

      Remember, the whole guiding theme behind my blog is I do NOT have the monopoly on truth, nor does anyone else (including, heavens to Betsy Devos, Breitbart). Did you read the actual intro section to my blog which describes this? Or, maybe you are just not reading enough lately and that lack of reading is shutting down some of the synapses in your prefrontal cortex?

      So, I encourage you to examine the links I posted that offer some options for schools to discuss race in ways that I think are worth considering, with no reference to transgender issues (again, your leap or fixation or whatever with that issue is impressive, especially since my post had absolutely nothing to do with that topic – but, I get it, it’s all part of that misguided or worse, evil, WOKE conspiracy that is sweeping our nation and destroying our youth).

      I am so tired of these stupid left vs right, us vs them characterizations. Read the damn race relations curricula options and tell me what you think of those, without resorting to inane WOKE labeling or my obvious predisposition to defeating dreaded straw men!


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