More on discussing race in our schools

I’ve previously posted some links describing interesting approaches to discussing issues of race with kids in classrooms (see my blogpost on the dreaded WOKE and CRT outcries). The issues surrounding how schools can handle these often difficult discussions have only become more challenging and divisive with the dramatic concerns that some folks have with CRT and their perceptions that such curricula teach our kids to hate America, among other deleterious effects.

Well, here’s a brief article from the latest Scientific American that describes research showing the deleterious impacts on kids when we DON’T engage students in honest discussions about race.

Listen, we don’t have to use CRT to teach our children about race and racial discrimination. There are other good options. But, whatever options we pursue, they had better be honest, no matter how uncomfortable they make us adults feel. And, we had better hope that the recent flurry of laws that, intentionally or unintentionally, inhibit at least some teachers from broaching the often sore subject of discrimination don’t produce unintended consequences.

When are we going to engage in thoughtful discussions, even if we disagree, about how best to teach our kids about race and avoid all this divisive “it’s CRT, dammit!” crap? That shit guarantees we won’t get anywhere and our kids likely will suffer in ways many of us have not even contemplated.

Once more, I could be wrong, but I’m certainly willing to talk about it.

One thought on “More on discussing race in our schools

  1. We are headed for the shitter when we put feelings over truth. Learning what people did in the past shouldn’t make you feel guilty or proud — it should just make you smarter about what to do in the future.

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